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Full Interior Detail


This service covers the full interior of your vehicle.  All bulk debris will be removed.  Every surface vacuumed, steamed and cleaned as needed.  Dirt will be blown from out from crevices and under the seats.  Hot water extraction will be used on all carpets and upholstery.  All surfaces will be conditioned with appropriate conditioners.


Car, 2nd Row SUV, Compact Truck - $185

3rd Row SUV, Full Size Truck - $215

Excessive Pet Hair Removal - Start at $50


Estimated Time: 3-4 Hours


Full Exterior Detail


This service covers the full exterior of your vehicle.  Your vehicle is washed, iron decontaminated, clay bar treatment before being polished and/or compounded, sealed and waxed.  Wheels are cleaned and sealed.  Tires are cleaned and dressed.  Glass cleaned.

Car, 2nd Row SUV, Compact Truck - $200

3rd Row SUV, Full Size Truck - $225

Additional Steps of Polishing - $75 per step.  We are happy to discuss the level of polishing your vehicle requires.

Estimated Time: 3-5 Hours

Interior & Exterior Detail with One-Step Polish/Sealant


This service is great for those looking to give their entire vehicle treatment with the intent to remove minor defects from the paint surface.  Your vehicle is washed, decontaminated for iron, clay barred, sealed/polished/glazed in a single step and topped with wax.  The trim and tires are dressed and the full interior detail performed.  Pricing reflects a discount for bundling services.


* Final pricing to be offered at time of vehicle inspection.

* Extra charges for large vehicles apply.

* This service will remove minor defects from the paint surface.

Car, 2nd Row SUV, Compact Truck - $300

3rd Row SUV, Full Size Truck - $350

Additional Steps of Polishing - $75 per step.  We are happy to discuss the level of polishing your vehicle requires.


Estimated Time: 4-6 Hours


 Full Ceramic Coating – Starts at $800


Full ceramic coating services are for those that are really looking to provide the longest durability and best shine to their vehicles.  Ceramic coatings, also referred to as “nano coatings” offer increased scratch resistance (not scratch proof), increased hydrophobic properties and easier maintenance than a traditionally finished vehicle.


This package includes the ceramic coating of wheels and trim.  Your wheels will be removed before being prepped and coated and reinstalled.


We are an accredited installer for Gtechniq and CeramicPro products.  This means we can install any of their coatings and offer you the full warranty ranging from two years to a lifetime of protection.  These warranties are only available when your ceramic coating is installed by an accredited or certified installer.

Included in the cost of ceramic coatings is two to three step paint polishing to remove defects from your vehicles finish prior to being coated.  A full service interior detail package is included with this service. 


* Final pricing to be offered at time of vehicle inspection.

* Extra charges for large vehicles apply.

* This service will remove defects from the paint surface.


Paint Correction Services – Hourly Rate


Paint correction is taking paint polishing one step further in the desire of perfection in the finish.  Due to the considerable time invested in a paint correction, we would be happy to provide an estimate once we see your vehicle.  We have to determine if your vehicle is a candidate for a full correction and how many steps will be involved to achieve your goals.  Please contact us for more information.


Add-On Services


Leather & Fabric protection against stains, dye transfer, UV Protection and protection against fading for one to two years. - $100

Windshield Coating will add nine to twelve months of durability and sealing on your windshield.  Your wipers will work less and your vision will improve in inclement weather. - $60


Some vehicles we've had the privilige to work on.

Our work


We are people passionate about vehicles.  Our passion doesn't extend to just being "car people," but it extends to enhancing appearances and providing protection to your vehicle.  In doing so, we get to watch owners smile with the transformation their cars undergo while in our care while also appreciating the increased value in keeping their vehicles looking better than the day rolled off of the showroom floor.

We love vehicles and each car we work on is treated as though it's one of our own, since for the time it's in our care it really is ours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get my vehicle detailed?


You should get your vehicle detailed not only to enhance the appearance of your vehicle, but to keep the finish protected.  True detailing goes much further than simply cleaning your vehicle.  It also includes adding layers of protection so the elements wear on those instead of causing permanent damage to the finish of your vehicle.


What is included in detailing?


Detailing includes the cleaning and protecting the surfaces of your vehicle.  Through the use of specialized equipment, we are able to clean and protect every aspect of your vehicle inside and out.  Exterior surfaces can be stripped of existing protection and polished before being layered with synthetic sealants and waxes to enhance the gloss or before having a ceramic coating applied.  Interior surfaces are all deep cleaned and extracted to remove stains and contamination before being treated with a variety of conditioners or coatings.


What is a ceramic coating?


Ceramic coatings have gained momentum in the detailing world.  Think of a ceramic coating as a thin layer of glass that maintains its water repelling properties and high gloss look.  Coatings are much more durable than waxes and sealants and could last two years or more with minimal care.  The coating is harder and typically harder to scratch than the clear coat on your vehicle and may only be removed through wear or by polishing it off once it’s bonded to your paint.  Ceramic coatings are maintained through washing and drying and occasionally spraying a booster product on the surface to maintain the water repelling properties.  Ceramic coatings are great for someone who wants to enjoy a great looking vehicle, but doesn’t have the time to really maintain the finish.


How often should I get my vehicle detailed?


This is a very subjective question and depends greatly on how your vehicle is protected.  In utilizing traditional sealants and waxes, twice a year is a good rule to follow.  We usually recommend once in the spring to keep your vehicle looking great all summer and once in the fall to protect your vehicle from the harsh chemicals and sand found on roads.  If your vehicle has a ceramic coating, once a year may be sufficient as long as you’ve maintained the finish through the booster products applied by Detailed Reflections or yourself.  Ceramic coated vehicles come in more for a good interior cleaning and a refresh of the exterior as they don’t usually need to be polished.


How do I maintain my vehicle after having it detailed?


Maintaining the finish of your vehicle is simple to keep it looking great, as long as good technique is used.  We provide a set of follow up instructions with each detail.  These include to hand wash your vehicle instead of going through the automatic car wash and utilizing detail spray as you dry to prevent water spots and enhance gloss.  If you use wax, adding a fresh coat of wax every four to eight weeks will go a long way towards maintaining your finish between details.


Can you protect the interior from stains?


Thanks to advances in technology, we are able to off CQuartz protection for leather and carper or upholstered surfaces.  A leather coating will help to maintain the great condition of your leather and prevent stains or dye transfer for one to two years.  The fabric and upholstery protection will add up to one year of protection from stains and liquids.

How much does all this cost?

It’s difficult to simply provide a price without asking some questions first.  The best thing to do is to contact us so we can determine what services your vehicle requires and what your goals for your vehicle are.  Working together, we can come up with a plan to enhance the appearance of your vehicle and keep it protected.


“They did a great job!  My car looked new and they even got the white scratch from a fence out of my bumper.  Got my car back the same day.” 

— Kari Lui


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